Pay Attention to These 5 Sounds From Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are designed to operate quietly in your home or business. You may hear an occasional click when the system starts to operate. Other than that, you usually should not notice any sounds coming from your unit. If you do hear an unusual sound, it can be a cause for concern. Here are five […]

What is an Air Scrubber?

The release of pollutants into the air as an effect of the industrial age has brought up health concerns for many people who prefer to breathe clean air as a preventative measure or to help with allergies and asthma conditions. Although an air conditioner does help clean the air and lower humidity, it only does […]

How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor air quality can have a big impact on your health and comfort. While you might worry about air pollution when you’re outdoors, keep in mind that the air inside your Lexington home can be even more polluted. Poor indoor air quality can cause health issues for you and your family, such as […]