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Pay Attention to These 5 Sounds From Your HVAC System

HVAC systems are designed to operate quietly in your home or business. You may hear an occasional click when the system starts to operate. Other than that, you usually should not notice any sounds coming from your unit. If you do hear an unusual sound, it can be a cause for concern. Here are five sounds that you do not want to hear from your HVAC system.

1. Squealing

If your system suddenly starts squealing, you may have a worn or a loose belt. The squealing sound means that the belt has lost some of its lubrication in the fan. Belt replacements are simple and inexpensive repairs. If you start to hear a squealing noise, you’ll want to have the system inspected right away. You can help prevent major damage in the system with an inspection from a professional HVAC company.

2. Rattling Noises

Rattling noises should not be ignored. You might have debris or a loose part in the housing unit. Rattling noises can also come from the air vents as well. In most cases, it is just a loose piece of debris stuck in the vents.

3. Excessive Clicking

Clicking sounds indicate that your HVAC unit has a problem with the electric panel or components. You’ll want to have these sounds inspected by a trained technician.

4. Buzzing

Buzzing noises are caused by several different problems with your HVAC system. Your system may be dusty and need a thorough cleaning. In addition, a component or part might be loose in the unit. If any part has lost lubrication, you will also hear a buzzing sound.

5. Thumping

Thumping sounds in the HVAC system may indicate that something is wrong with the blower blades. There could be an obstruction hitting the fan. If you are noticing this noise, get it fixed immediately. When the blower blades are obstructed, the system motor will be placed under stress and could fail. You need to look for debris in your HVAC system and have it removed.

If you hear any of these noises, you should reach out a professional technician. Trained experts can find the source of the problem and help you to resolve it. In addition to heating and cooling services, [company_name] offers indoor air quality and preventative maintenance services. Give [company_name] in Louisville a call today for an HVAC system inspection.

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