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What is an Air Scrubber?

Air scrubber The release of pollutants into the air as an effect of the industrial age has brought up health concerns for many people who prefer to breathe clean air as a preventative measure or to help with allergies and asthma conditions. Although an air conditioner does help clean the air and lower humidity, it only does so as a side effect of its primary purpose of cooling the air, or heating in the winter time. An air scrubber is a much better option for people with serious concerns about air quality at home are expected to be in place in most public commercial buildings.

How an Air Scrubber Works

An air scrubber works by drawing in air and filtering it clean before expelling it back into the room. Portable air scrubbers are used for certain types of job sites, such as flood or fire restoration or mold removal. Permanent air scrubbers can also be set up inline with an existing HVAC system to add an extra layer of protection. Such a system allows the HVAC condenser to clean the air when it is running, then when the room is at an optimal temperature the fan continues to run while bringing the air through the scrubber. The system works well because the air is in constant motion and contaminants are always being filtered out to provide good quality breathable air.

Situations which Require an Air Scrubber

Commercial buildings, whether open to the public or not, tend to benefit greatly from an air scrubber. They can often be dirtier than a home because of warehouse or work needs, but there is also the matter that the owner may not be aware of the needs of every employee or guest who spends time there. For a private home, an air scrubber is beneficial for people with pets to control odors and hair shedding, and also for homes where small children or elderly people live. A further situation which calls for the use of an air scrubber is when someone with asthma or similar lung and breathing problems lives there.

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