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Air Comfort of KY Inc.: A Louisville AC Repair Company

While enjoying the hot summer weather, you decide to take a breather by stepping into your home to cool off a little.  While getting a drink of chilled water, you discover that your home isn’t as cool as it usually is.  You quickly move over to the thermostat and double check the temperature to make sure that your thermostat’s programmed schedule is running correctly, which while your home is only a couple of degrees higher than it is supposed to be, is not a cause for panic.  You quickly head back outside to continue with your summer activities.

As the activities continue, you notice that it seems like your air conditioning doesn’t seem to turn off.  This time, when you go inside and check the thermostat, you notice that it is at about the same temperature.  Something is not right.  Putting your hand over the vents, you realize that the air that is coming out is lukewarm at best.  This is a perfect example of when Air Comfort of KY Inc., a Louisville AC repair company, can assist in your air conditioning maintenance and repair.

Air Comfort of KY Inc.: A Family Owned Company Specializing in Louisville AC Repairs

We at Air Comfort of KY take pride in being a family company.  Founded in 1976, for almost 40 years we have been considered one of the best Louisville AC repair service companies.  While a lot of companies use telemarketing and boring surveys as a window to customer service, we do this by treating everyone like family.  We believe that creating business relationships between our prospective and current clientele is done by providing outstanding customer service.

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Air Comfort of KY Inc.: Constantly Improving Louisville AC Repair Services

When you call in a service repair call, one of the most frustrating experiences you will face is if your air conditioning unit is either an older model, where the newly hired technician is only familiar with newer models or the reverse, an experienced technician is only familiar with older models.  This will often times result in having another technician come out to assist in the repairs, educating the less experienced technician in the field or even worse, the company will have to reschedule your appointment due to technologically experienced technician unavailability.

When you hear corporate buzzwords, one of the more recent favorite terms is continuous improvement.  This phrase is often used to describe corporate initiatives to mean a constant effort to improve services, processes, or equipment.  For years, our technicians have been continuously improving their training, giving them more well-rounded results that gets passed onto you, our customers.  This is accomplished by taking refresher courses and getting recertified on air conditioning units that they are already familiar with as well as learning about new model repairs.  By doing this, we eliminate the problem mentioned in the above paragraph.

Because of our technicians’ dedication to our continuous improvement programs, they have become well versed in many air conditioning unit models.  This results in having only the correct number of technicians out for a given call as well as significantly lowering our labor costs, which gets passed onto you, our customer.

Air Comfort of KY Inc.: Maintenance and Louisville AC Repairs

One of the challenges that most Louisville AC repair service companies face is being able to not only service but also maintain different types of air conditioning units.  A lot of times the technicians my not be familiar with the model or even worse, they think they are familiar with unit model and end up causing more harm than good with their repairs or maintenance.

With this problem in mind, we have made sure that our technicians not only get certified and trained on all air conditioning unit repair, but we also insured that they got the necessary training and certifications for maintaining any given air conditioning unit model.  When you have owned your air conditioning unit for ten years or more and it hasn’t been properly maintained, we encourage you to contact us for an assessment.  By doing this, we’ll help you lower your power bills by adjusting your air conditioning unit or recommending a new unit be installed.  Because we are an authorized Carrier dealer, we will be able to get the best pricing for your new unit, which many air conditioning repair companies cannot do.


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