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Maintenance Advice To Keep Your AC Repair In Louisville Down

We all like surprises, most of the time. They come in all different shapes and sizes. There are good surprises, of course, for example surprise birthday parties, or even surprise vacations, though admittedly, a little more rare. There are some surprises, however, that we would much rather do without. For example, what about learning that your air conditioner is failing, or has already failed?

Unfortunately, there are many people who will receive such news this year, especially right after the warm weather season begins. You see, the biggest problem with the air conditioner, is that people tend to forget that it exists, and with that being the case, they completely forget to maintain it. If your air conditioner is not properly maintained and cared for, a few things tend to occur:

  • Air Conditioning system breakdown
  • Expensive Air Conditioning repairs
  • Air Conditioning replacement due to system failure
  • Conditions inside your home will be adversely affected

All of the above can be minimized or completely avoided by maintaining your a/c system. When you think of an air conditioner, you probably aren’t thinking of checking it at the beginning of every season just to make sure it hasn’t degraded over time, yet that is exactly what you have to do if you want to keep your home air conditioning unit in good shape. Keeping your unit in the best working condition will allow it to be ready to address any coming heat wave.

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Pre-Season Checkups from your Louisville AC Repair Service

You might have heard of a pre-season checkup, but what is it? How does it help you exactly? First of all, a pre-season checkup ensures that all parts of your air conditioner are working properly. This includes not only the indoor unit, but also the outdoor condenser. In addition to that, it will be important for the repair service to determine whether or not you need service for your duct work,which is all done in the name of efficiency.

Understanding Efficiency

One of the hardest things for people to understand when it comes to air conditioners is the concept of efficiency. When you are considering having an air conditioner installed, the first thing you might look for, is price. The problem however, is that many companies are actually reluctant to show you the price before taking a look at your home and determining just how efficient it is going to be.

Reason for this is that many companies don’t like to advertise a certain level of efficiency on their air conditioning unit only to find that your home doesn’t support it. Imagine having a heart transplant performed only to find that your body rejects it and then blaming the doctors. It just doesn’t work out well.

The same applies to air conditioners, and any good Louisville AC Repair company will tell you that you need to review your home, making sure that it does in fact have the level of efficiency required to host a high-efficiency air conditioning unit. The following are a few items that you will want to check in order to get started.

InsulationIt goes without saying that your home will have insulation in the walls, but is it adequate for air conditioning purposes? The point of insulation, of course, is to capture air as it passes through the wall, hot or cold. Bad or inadequate insulation may allow air to simply pass through, therefore adversely effecting your temperature and efficiency of the unit installed.

WindowsObviously any time you are dealing with a gaping hole in your wall, you will have efficiency issues, but you can offset these by adding nylon windows, or by simply making sure you have proper blinds or window covers covering them. In general, you should stick with a nylon blind or some other type of non-conductive material.

ElectricalFinally we come to the real elephant in the room. If you have older wiring, your heating system will run into some problems, and it can be very expensive to update your system.

These are just some of the things that you will want to discuss with your Louisville AC Repair services company. There is quite a bit of work to be done in order to get your home ready, but once done, you will certainly be glad that you took the time, and that you upgraded your home for greater efficiency.  The heat is coming, are you and your home ready for it?

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