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Your New Year HVAC Checklist

Your HVAC system is one of the hardest-working systems in your home, and to keep it running at optimum levels, it requires an annual checkup to ensure all systems are “good to go.” Using the following simple HVAC checklist covers the basics of things you can do.

HVAC Annual Checklist

After working around the clock during the cold winter, the following tips provide a jumpstart in the new year for getting your HVAC system “hot weather” ready to combat upcoming soaring temperatures.

  • Filter should be cleaned monthly and replaced every three months
  • Quick inspection for any damaged areas such as holes or rips
  • Inspect each vent and remove any dirt or grime buildup
  • Check system turns on and off immediately without any lag time or noise
  • Check if system is emitting unusual odors
  • Visual check of the lines for leaks
  • Outside unit should free of any plants, foliage, leaves or other debris interferes with operation

When your HVAC system needs service, contact the professionals at Air Comfort of Kentucky. From start to finish, our certified technicians address any problems in a quick and efficient manner, so your home is comfortable and safe throughout the year. At Air Comfort of Kentucky, conveniently located in Louisville, our expert technicians provide heating, cooling, and preventative maintenance services as well as the installation of new and replacement Trane heating and cooling units.

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