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How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace in KY

It is time for a furnace tune-up, and if you don’t have one yet, then it is time for furnace installation. Here are some tasks you can perform for yourself before you call for a furnace repair assistance.

Check the Thermostat and the Furnace to Ensure That They Are On

Sometimes your furnace may not be blowing air since the thermostat is turned off. Before you call a furnace repair expert, make sure that the temperature is set correctly. If you are not sure whether the furnace is on, try setting the thermostat to 5oC higher than the temperature in your house and see if the heater comes on.

Make sure that the thermostat’s temperature setting is in heat mode instead of the air conditioning mode. If this doesn’t work, then proceed to the other furnace tune-up steps outlined below.

Check the Circuit Breaker

If you still haven’t found the problem from the first step above, the next furnace troubleshooting step would be checking its circuit breakers. Go to your home’s breaker panel and identify the circuit that controls the furnace. Sometimes, the breaker could be in an “off” state. Some electricians tend to do a shoddy job when it comes to labeling so identifying the breaker which controls your furnace can be a challenge.

If the breaker isn’t labeled, then you are looking for that switch which seems to be in a different position from the others. To fix it, turn it off and then on. If it is malfunctioning, you may have to call in a furnace installation expert in Jeffersontown, KY to fix it.

Consider Relighting the Pilot Light if Need Be

Relighting the pilot light is a technique that is used in both furnace maintenance and furnace troubleshooting. However, most furnaces that are less than 20 years old won’t have the light. Any homeowner should be able to relight the pilot light since the instructions are in the owner’s manual. The manual is also an excellent source of information on furnace installation and furnace maintenance.

Change the Batteries

Not all thermostats are wired to your home’s electrical system; others use batteries. Check out whether your thermostat is powered by a battery and if so, check out if it is flashing the low-battery symbol indicating that the battery needs replacement.

Do you have any further queries regarding your furnace or think you need furnace replacement in KY? Contact us today for further assistance.

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