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Three Common Myths About Your Air Conditioner

Even when your AC system is running well, certain things you might be doing could cause it to run less efficiently. Often you might find advice on web forums or social media posts that seems like common sense about air conditioners. However, these myths can cause your system to work harder than it needs to and waste energy.

1. Large AC Systems Cool Better

It seems like common sense that a larger AC system will cool your home better than a smaller one. An AC system that is too large wastes energy short cycling—turning off and on frequently—and wears out sooner. Systems that are too big also won’t cool your home evenly, causing some rooms to be too hot.

2. Keep Your Thermostat Low

Contrary to what seems like common sense, a lower thermostat setting will not equal a cooler home. Air conditioners remove heat from the air, cycling it back into your home at a lower temperature. This cycling is done through fans moving the air that limits how fast the air can move. No matter how low you set the temperature, the AC can only cool as quickly as the fans can move.

3. Keep Vents Closed in Unused Rooms

Yet another thing that seems like common sense but isn’t is keeping vents in unused rooms closed. Modern AC systems work best with open vents and are installed and tested with that assumption. Closing vents in unoccupied rooms will cause the airflow of your system to become unbalanced and run longer cycles, wasting energy.

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