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The Important Role Of The Indoor Coil In A Home Air Conditioning System

Home air conditioners work by drawing warm air out while allowing cooled air to enter and circulate throughout the house. One of the main players in this heat exchange process is the evaporator coil, otherwise known as the indoor coil. Your authorized retailer of Trane indoor coil and AC products can help you choose the correct coil for maintaining an efficient system.

The evaporator coil is installed in the indoor component of your heating and cooling equipment, and contains refrigerant. It works by lowering the temperature of the warm outside air as it passes through the air conditioner and into your living space as cooled air. The Trane coil, called the Comfort Coil, is made of aluminum, so it is resistant to rust. Each coil is rigorously tested for even the tiniest leaks before being released to the market.

Your certified technicians of Trane indoor coil and AC products can come out and clean the coil for you. Many brands of evaporator coils are difficult to access and therefore are not easy to clean. The Trane Comfort Coil, though, is designed to slide out on rails for easy access. It is very important to keep the coils in your air conditioner clean because a dirty coil will make your air conditioner less efficient. An inefficient air conditioner will run more frequently and cost more to operate. Also, the nature of the coil makes it tend to stay wet, so it’s a convenient place for mold and mildew to grow. Regular coil cleaning will prevent these contaminants from being transferred to your indoor environment through regular use of the air conditioner.

Contact your local dealer of Trane indoor coil and AC products to find the new or replacement coil you need. If your coil does not need to be replaced, be sure to have it thoroughly cleaned at the beginning of each cooling season.

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