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The Best Ways to Heat a Garage

Winter is fast approaching, and you know that in the Louisville area, it means snow days and frigid temperatures. You have probably already prepared for the cold weather. However, most people often overlook their garage, a vital part of every home. It would be best to heat your garage during the cold weather regardless of how you use this space. The room needs heating whether you store valuables there like your car or you converted it into a living space. Here are the best ways to heat your garage this winter.

Ductless Heating

Consider ductless heating as an energy-efficient heating option for a garage. Mini-split or ductless heating systems are made up of two components that are connected by a conduit. The conduit connects the air handling unit installed indoors and the outdoor compressor or condenser to act as a central heating system. Since the ductless heating system is made for zoned heating, it is ideal for heating a garage.

Seal Any Air Leaks

Drafts are your enemy when it comes to heating a garage. Therefore, replace the weather stripping around the doors and windows of your garage so that you can maintain comfortable warmth during the cold months. However, it is wise to seal air leaks long before the winter months. Also, remember to inspect the foundation and walls for any holes.

Radiant Floor Heat

If you are a part-time mechanic or work on vehicles in your garage, it is advisable to lie back or kneel on a warm floor during winter. This heating method works by running hot water tubes under the garage’s floor. You can install the hot water tubes over the cement floor and install a new floor on top. However, make sure you work with a professional to inspect the new flooring’s material and ensure that it can withstand heavy garage traffic.

Whether you spend a lot of time or just a few hours in your garage, heating the room does not have to be costly. You can start by considering these options based on how cold your garage gets during the winter. Talk to our garage heating specialists for more options or a customized heating plan. We can also assist with ductwork, air purifiers, indoor air quality, and commercial HVAC. Louisville area residents can call [company_name] today to learn more about heating options for their garages.

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