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When your furnace breaks, and you need a repair job it can be hard to decide who you can trust. You need a company who will treat you like family. Our company’s whose first priority is your health and comfort. This is why Air Comfort of KY has been happily served its customers ever since 1976. We are a family owned company, and happy to help any customer who calls us needing a repair. We know how important it is to keep your furnace running at optimal levels year round. So, why call us?

You’re Getting the Best Furnace Repair

During those cold winter months nothing is more important than your family’s health and comfort. When temperatures drop due to a malfunction in your furnace, this can spell disaster for you and your family. Cold temperatures can quickly become uncomfortable and make it hard to stay warm. Any family members or pets in your home sensitive to the cold could also suffer due to a lack of heating. Since we have been serving our customers for over 30 years, we’ve encountered just about every problem when it comes to furnaces. So you know we have the experience under our belts to handle any furnace repair jobs you may need.  

We have professionals who are trained to handle any HVAC issue that may arise. This way they’re prepared to take on the problem right from the start. They are also trained to repair several makes and models of furnaces and heaters. Whether it’s a tune-up, installation, or just a full on repair you can rest easy knowing you have the best professionals on the market looking over your shoulder. We want to make sure your heating is running as efficiently and reliable as possible!

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Maintenance Agreements for Furnace Repair

So, what if you want to make sure your heating unit is working at full capacity year around? Even during the summer months it’s best to make sure your unit has been looked over. There are problems that can happen at the worst of times which could have been prevented if found ahead of time. This is why we are Air Comfort of KY offer service agreements to our customers. We want to make sure there is little to no chance of your furnace breaking down when you need it the most.

During the course of a year, your furnace will usually need a tune-up to keep it running smoothly. For your service agreement you get two service tune-ups a year for your heating unit. Doing these annual check-ups for your unit also has many benefits. It can allow us to catch any problems before they become serious issues. This can be anything from burnt wires to leaks. By preventing these problems it will help to prevent even more serious issues from taking place such as motor failure. And no one wants their unit to fail when it’s freezing outside, do they?

Another great service you get with our excellent service agreements is energy saving coil cleaning. Dirty coils in a heating unit can make it work harder in order to produce heat. This means your unit will be wearing down faster. Clean coils allow for your unit to run efficiently and save you money when it comes to heating costs. When your coils are not kept clean they can run up your utility bill. Unclean coils can cost you upwards of $1,500 dollars a year, all because they were dirty. By having this service you’re saving that money and keeping it in your pocket for something much more important in the future.

There is an entire host of other great, amazing services you get when you get a service agreement with us. This includes no trips or service call charges when you need us to come help you. By being one of our customers who has an agreement with us, you don’t get that charge. You also get top priority 24/7 if your unit happens to break down. So you’re always at the top of our list if a problem arises. You also get a 20% off of labor repair labor and parts for your unit. So you’re saving even more money than before!

We also like to show our customers we’re the best furnace repair company in Louisville by giving you a labor warranty with a service agreement. This means if you have any issues with a labor repair with your unit, you can call us back in 30 days or less. At no charge to you we will drive back and diagnose the problem to make sure the fix gets done right. We also offer 10% off unit purchases if you decide you’re better off with a newer unit or wish to replace an existing one. Our people can also recommend for you the best options for your home, and even energy efficient ones.

Here at Air Comfort of KY we truly care about our customers. We treat you like family as soon as you pick up the phone. We know it’s hard to find a trustworthy furnace repair company you can rely on. However, you can rest assure we’re the best furnace repair company in Louisville you could ever ask for. On our website we have special offers. We welcome you to take a look to see if you can get a great deal, or call us if you have any questions!



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