Why Do Air Conditioners and Furnaces Have Variable Speeds?

September 26, 2018

A growing number of business and homeowners are choosing AC units and furnaces with variable speeds and it’s not hard to see why. Variable speeds offer a number of important benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. Comfort Choosing an HVAC unit with variable speed settings makes it possible for you to choose the temperature that is just right for you personally. Instead of running a unit at full blast all the time, you can adjust the settings for days that are neither blazing hot nor freezing cold. Energy Efficiency Variable speed HVAC units are extremely energy efficient because they can be run at continually low speeds instead of going full blast, turning off when the room is at the right temperature and then turning back on again when the room gets too hot or too cold. Because HVAC units use a lot of power when switching on and off, homeowners who use a variable speed unit will typically have lower energy bills than those who stick with a single speed unit. Lowering Humidity Humidity not only makes a home uncomfortable but also affects the structural integrity of the house. Mold growth is a common yet serious problem...

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