Never Ignore These Space Heater Safety Tips

November 16, 2020

Even in homes with central heating systems, space heaters are common throughout the United States. They’re convenient, readily heating up cool pockets of homes within minutes. Space heaters are also great for warming up cold-natured individuals without raising thermostats, causing housemates to sweat like proverbial pigs. Whenever you break out any space heaters, make sure to follow these essential safety tips. Look for Underwriter’s Laboratory Labels Based in Illinois, the UL, LLC company is a globally recognized safety authority that performs safety tests on electronic products for the U.S. federal government, among many other clients. UL-approved products sport stickers with the letters “UL” inside a black circle. Never buy space heaters that haven’t been approved by Underwriters’ Laboratories. If you have any that aren’t approved, don’t use them. Don’t Use Extension Cords Typically built for industrial use, most extension cords are durable. Despite how sturdy they might seem, they’re only intended for temporary use. Also, extension cord terminals—where you plug things in—make contact with rugs, furniture or debris, potentially causing fires. Stay away from extension cords when using space heaters. Avoid Other Objects Like the Plague Keep your space heaters away from other objects. Most manufacturers recommend at least three...

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