What Does it Mean to be NATE Certified?

July 9, 2018

When you hire an air conditioning or heating company, you want to know you’re getting the best, most highly trained individuals to install or service your HVAC system. Contracting with NATE certified technicians lets you easily do this. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) The North American Technician Excellence (NATE), a non-profit organization for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and ventilation, provides certification of skills. This independent organization located in Arlington, VA has provided testing and confirmation of knowledge and skills since 1997. NATE does not provide the training. HVACR technicians receive that from a variety of sources, including vocational-technical schools, business colleges or community colleges. NATE provides the testing of their work knowledge through multiple-choice standardized tests developed by a committee of industry experts. Technicians undergo rigorous testing on topics spanning HVACR topics relating to contractors, educators, manufacturers, and utilities. You can easily recognize a NATE certified individual by the patch on their uniform. Most companies also purchase decals for their vehicles denoting their trained technicians. NATE only provides these patches and decals to firms with at least one NATE certified technician in their employ. Areas of Knowledge Testing Your potential contractor won’t take a single test to cover all HVACR....

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