Do Air Purifiers Help Prevent Respiratory Diseases?

August 17, 2020

Certain respiratory illnesses require special care to help the body heal and protect the airways from further damage. One aspect of self-care that people often overlook is the quality of the air inside their homes. works with homeowners in Louisville and its surrounding areas to find ways to remove airborne irritants from their indoor air to prevent respiratory illnesses from becoming worse. What Types of Airborne Particles Are Found Inside Homes? The air inside your home may contain several types of irritants. The HVAC system that heats and cools your home recirculates the particles as it manages airflow for heating and cooling. Airborne irritants are trapped inside the structure, especially in newer energy-efficient homes. Some of the most common airborne particles that we find in homes in and around Louisville are: Pollen Dust Pet dander Mold Bacteria and viruses What Types of Respiratory Illnesses Are Affected by Indoor Air Quality? The airborne particles found inside homes trigger symptoms of many common respiratory illnesses such as: Asthma Allergies COPD and emphysema Colds Bronchitis What Can Louisville Homeowners Do About Poor Indoor Air Quality? Installing an air purifier in your home removes the airborne particles that trigger your symptoms. offers air purifiers...

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