How To Test Indoor Air For Mold

May 14, 2020

At a minimum, mold growth signals that you need to stop dampness from compromising your home’s structure. Farther down the scale of severity, mold can cause significant illness depending on the mold species present. You have the option of testing your indoor air for mold with do-it-yourself test kits from a home store. Professional indoor air quality services may also be hired to evaluate your mold problem. When to Test for Mold You may want to test your house for mold if you notice any of the following signs: Musty odors Onset of breathing problems Emergence of mental problems Dizziness Unexplained health problems DIY Mold Testing Kits To test for the presence of mold spores in your air, purchase a viable mold test kit. Distribute the tests throughout the home, especially in locations where you suspect mold is growing. Common places where mold lurks include: Basements Bathrooms Behind the refrigerator Air ducts Under sinks Drywall near plumbing pipes Mold testing requires several days and multiple tests because mold levels may rise and fall in accordance with growth and spore release cycles. If tests show a positive result, you would then pay for a laboratory analysis to identify the mold species....

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