Is Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels in Your Home Important?

April 17, 2018

Human beings spend close to 90% of their lives indoors. So why not start maintaining proper humidity levels to help keep your home comfortable? Relative indoor humidity is always higher than outdoors because of activities in the house such as cooking, washing, and bathing. The optimal humidity level in the house should be about 30% to 55%. If the humidity levels are higher or lower than this, there will be some negative effects. What happens when humidity levels are low? During winter in Louisville, moisture vanishes, and the air is left very dry. Low humidity levels can lead to difficulty breathing, bloody noses, sore throats, and cracked itchy, skin. Furniture and wood flooring also suffer in homes with low humidity. The lack of moisture can dry out the wood around the home causing it crack. Old homes tend to have relatively lower humidity levels compared to newer more energy efficient homes. What happens when humidity levels are too high? A high humidity level in the house creates an ideal atmosphere for growth of mold and bacteria in the house. It is common for the humidity level in the house to be higher in the summer. These can activate allergies and...

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