Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water?

December 11, 2019

Nothing is messier than a water leak. Leaks coming from your furnace are a sure cause for worry since these pieces of equipment are not designed to hold or produce water. A leaking furnace should prompt you to take the necessary action to find the cause of the leak. Here are some of the probable reasons as to why your furnace may be leaking water. Blocked Pipe The pipes that supply water to and from the heat exchanger in your furnace may sometimes block. This is normally a result of various clogs. For example, the accumulation of ice in pipes during winter can cause a clog. The exhaust pipes may also be blocked by other substances that can collect on the pipe’s interior. When this happens, humid gases that are meant to be vented out cool down in the pipes and condense into water. Such water may lead to corrosion of the interior of the pipes or even weaken the pipe joints, thereby causing leaks. Faulty Pumps The condenser pump that is used to pump away hot and humid air from the furnace may sometimes go faulty and remain unnoticed for a long time. Improperly connected water pumps may also...

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