Changing Air Filters: Simple But Crucial to Your AC

September 3, 2019

It is easy to forget about AC filters since your system will not automatically shut down when your filter is not changed right on schedule. However, this does not mean you should neglect them. This small component of a cooling system plays an important role. The Importance of Air Filters So why are filters so important? They are an essential cooling system component because they ensure that your machine is only processing clean air. This keeps you from ending up with buildup or debris that could damage your system enough to require a repair visit from ‘s Louisville technicians. Air filters also ensure the air circulating inside of your home is as clean as possible. Benefits of Regularly Changing Air Filters When you take the time to regularly change your filters, you get these great benefits. Reduced allergy attacks from pollen and dander Lower energy bills A system that cools your home more promptly Less chances of having a broken AC system Make your system last as long as possible How to Change Your Filter Getting all of these benefits is as simple as sacrificing a couple of minutes every now and then. For most systems, changing the filter is...

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