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Should My Furnace Fan Continuously Run

Many homeowners in Kentucky rely on their furnaces during the chillier months. To get the optimal amount of heat throughout the home, you may have thought about letting the fan run continuously. Many people are confused about what this could accomplish. To help you make a decision, here are some of the pros and cons to consider.

Pro: Even Distribution of Heat

When you allow the furnace fan to run continuously, you are going to experience the maximum distribution of heated air throughout your home. Since the fan does not stop, neither does the airflow.

Con: Energy Bills Go Up

If you decide to allow the furnace fan to run continuously, you are going to see an increase in your energy bills. For some homeowners, the benefits of the steady airflow outweigh the costs. Those who suffer from allergies, for example, are more comfortable when the air does not become stagnant, so they are willing to pay the price.

Pro: Less Stress on the Fan

A fan that is allowed to keep running suffers less stress. Since it is not starting and stopping, it does not have to use the extra power needed every time to start up again. Less stress on the furnace components, including the fan, means the furnace might have a longer life.

Con: Filter Is More Likely to Clog

Even though you are going to enjoy the consistent airflow from allowing the fan to keep running, keep in mind that the fan is more likely to get clogged. The fan is not going to suffer added stress from starting up after stopping, but it is going to gather up more dust. Here at [company_name] in Louisville, we recommend regular maintenance to keep the fan running at an optimal level.

Whether the fan runs continuously or not, there are pros and cons to the choice. Louisville clients are encouraged to seek guidance on this or any related topic from the professionals at [company_name]. We’re available to take care of repairs, installations and tune-ups of heating and cooling systems, and we also handle air quality issues. Call us today.

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