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Prepare for the Cold Season Using Louisville Furnace Repair Options

Air Comfort of KY TeamThe cold season is coming; soon it will be time to switch off the air conditioner and trade it for something a bit warmer – something like a furnace. The problem with furnaces, even the best ones on the market, is that they degrade over time with use. Higher quality furnaces will obviously last longer than other alternatives, but in the end, they all need repair, and they all need part replacement. Fortunately furnaces are fairly modular, meaning the internal parts can be replaced with ease. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that you might encounter when dealing with your furnace, starting with lack of maintenance.

Reasons for using Louisville Furnace Repair Companies

The first thing you need to know about your furnace is that it uses a filter to ensure only clean air is circulated throughout your home, office, or factory, and with that being the case, the filter must be replaced on a regular basis.

Why Replace the Filter?

There are two major reasons for which you should consider replacing your filter on a monthly basis:

  1. A dirty filter will restrict air flow through the unit.
  2. The filter, when obstructed, puts a strain on your furnace which can cause more damage in the long run.

Expensive, cheap, or somewhere in between, your furnace, like any other, is comprised of a number  of different mechanical parts. Every single one of these parts is absolutely necessary for operation, and that means you need to ensure they are all in working order. Over time these parts will obviously become worn out, and they will most certainly cause performance issues. This includes issues with belts, bearings, piping, fan motors, etc. Once again, keeping  these parts in working order will require diligence on your part, and it all starts with keeping the filter clean.

Ready? Ignition!

There are typically two ignition types in any furnace and they include:

Hot Surface Ignition – This uses resistance as a heating element to light the gas burner. This ignition method is electronically controlled.

Intermittent Pilot – This is another example of an electronically controlled ignition though it utilizes a high voltage spark to ignite the gas pilot. This, however, is only done when the thermostat calls for heat, which indicates that one would need a properly functioning thermostat.

On that subject, it is far too possible for the thermostat to malfunction, thereby causing the furnace to fail ignition, even during the coldest of times. If you have an improperly working thermostat there is a good chance that you will have no heat, and no fan to force hot air into your home. In other words, you will need to call a Louisville furnace repair company to address your problems.

When you are looking for a company to watch after your needs, it is important for you to find one that is not only familiar with the different types of furnaces on the market, but also one that is able to meet your needs. For example, you want a technician that has the credentials necessary to hold their own in the market, and you want one that can help you with your problems at any time of the day. Remember that while you might know of the potential problems that might plague your furnace, you cannot predict just when they will happen. They  could happen in the early morning, or even late at night. A good furnace repair company will not only display a certain level of proficiency, but should also be equipped to address your needs at virtually any time of day. Now would be a great time for you to start looking into those needs and determining which of them might need to be addressed and when.

In looking for a good company, you will want to start be reading customer testimonials and of course checking their credentials. As one of the premier Louisville residential Furnace Repair services, we stand ready to address all of your needs as well as your concerns as they relate to your furnace. Take a look at our website and review the services that we offer customers in the area, and perhaps book an appointment if it pleases you. Keep your furnace in working order, and make sure you do so whether it is morning, afternoon, or night.


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