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Need Help Finding Your Furnace? Here’s Where It Might Be Located

For the most part, your furnace works quietly to provide your home with warm air throughout the cold Louisville winter. In fact, many furnaces run so quietly that you might not be able to detect where they’re located. If you need to quickly access your furnace, though, this could be a problem. To help you locate your furnace, the professionals at Air Comfort of KY offer this basic guide to help you locate the furnace.

An Out-of-the-Way Location

Given that furnaces do generally produce some noise and aren’t all that appealing to look at, most furnaces are located in an out-of-the-way location around your home. Therefore, when trying to find your furnace, you should start looking in places you don’t normally hang out, such as in your attic, garage, basement, crawl space, utility closet or some other space you rarely visit. Most furnaces have a rectangular front because they are taller than they are wide, making them instantly identifiable.

How to Find Your Way

If you’re still having trouble finding your home’s furnace, don’t give up hope just yet. By understanding some of the characteristics of your furnace, you’ll be better prepared to find it without calling Air Comfort of KY. For one, most furnaces are centrally located. This is done to prevent long duct runs in your home. Plus, furnaces need both supply and return ducts to operate properly. Therefore, if you find an area in your home where a lot of ducts seem to come together, you’re probably getting close to locating your furnace.

Understanding Basic Operation

By locating your furnace, you’ll be able to act quickly if a problem occurs. While major repairs should be left to Air Comfort of KY, if you’re able to access your furnace you can use various safety measures, so a situation doesn’t get out of control. Plus, when one of our technicians comes over, you’ll be able to easily point them in the direction of your furnace.

A Trusted Home Comfort Companion

With over 40 years of service under our belts, you can trust the professionals at Air Comfort of KY in Louisville, KY. Whether you need repair, installation or maintenance of your furnace or air conditioner, or you need air purification system installation, ductless system installation or something else, you can count on Air Comfort of KY to get the job done right. With a vast array of five-star reviews to peruse, there’s no reason not to give us a call today.

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