Do you want the best air conditioning services Louisville has to offer? Then call Air Comfort of KY today! We specialize in air conditioning repair for all makes and models, proudly serving Louisville residents since 1976. Our skilled technicians are continually trained and certified in order to be able to handle any air conditioning repair or emergency that comes their way. Because we are a family owned company, we believe in treating each of our customers like family. That means we offer the best HVAC expertise at the most affordable price. Call us today and discover why our satisfied customers call us when they need air conditioning service in Louisville.

Louisville Air Conditioner Installation Services

We have trained, certified AC installation technicians in Louisville standing by ready to get you on the road to a more efficient, less costly home cooling system. If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old and/or has not been serviced regularly, give Air Comfort of KY a call and we’ll assess your current cooling system and find out if a tune-up or newer unit could be saving you money on each electric bill. As a family-owned company and a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are upheld to the highest standard of quality and care for our customers and we look forward to treating you like family. Call us today for Louisville KY air conditioning installation services, repair or maintenance.

New AC Units for Sale Louisville, KY

There are plenty of great new AC units for sale Louisville KY, giving you the opportunity to choose just how you would like to outfit your home. Some of the best AC units are whole house, or central air units which integrate with every part of your home. Ducts are usually run from the central air unit, through the basement ceiling, and of course, through the walls of the home so that said ducts will be able to reach the vents which are strategically placed throughout the home to provide maximum air circulation and ventilation.

There are other types of cooling to consider of course, for example, some AC units for sale Louisville are actually Split AC units which involve a duct running from the outside of your home to a unit inside.

The benefit is fewer ducks, lower expenses, and of course, a much lower utility bill. In addition to that you will find that the split air conditioning system is far less expensive than most other systems on the market, though you may need to concern yourself with certain service issues due to the fact that the exterior unit can become exposed to the elements which includes weather events, animals, and even the potential for vandalism. Still, these exterior units are fairly tough and will stand up to abuse, and will persevere through the most dire of circumstances.

Keep this in mind when you are choosing the type of air conditioner that will keep your home temperature controlled for the foreseeable future! You never know what circumstances you might come across, and you never know how your choice might affect the repair costs.

Professional Air Conditioning Service Company in Louisville

RepairWhile you might like to imagine that your HVAC air conditioning unit will last forever, there will come a time that it requires service. An HVAC repair company will be on call to help ensure that your unit continues to work properly, and that it is working during the hottest days of the year. A good Louisville HVAC Company will know how to work on a number of different types of air conditioning units. For example, you might have a central air conditioning unit, also known as a whole house unit, or you might be utilizing a split air conditioner to help cut down on electric bills.

There is always the potential for a breakdown regardless of the type of unit, split or whole house. When it does break down, you do not want to scramble, trying to find the phone number of a good repair service. Instead, you want to know where the best service is, and you want to have that HVAC service company saved in your phone or written down beside your home phone. By being prepared you will reduce the downtime and give yourself the ultimate head start in air conditioning repair on what could very well be the hottest day of the year. In addition to that you will save your home from the humidity, which could be the most important thing of all.  For all the details it’s also important that you contact our professional Louisville air conditioning repair company about and for any AC problems or services you may need.