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HVAC Contractors in Louisville, KYThe best Louisville AC repair company is our business called Air Comfort of Kentucky. We are a company that provides Louisville AC repair for all different types of models and makes of air conditioning units or cooling appliances. We have been in the business since 1976 and our technicians are skilled and periodically trained to handle air conditioning units. They are proudly certified to handle all types of air conditioning parts and repairs for all unit brands. We are a family owned company, which means we highly believe in treating our customers and clients as if they were family too. We are the only Louisville AC repair company that will give you that sort of treatment.

We can offer you the very best HVAC knowledge at a price that you simply cannot ignore. We know what it’s like to stress over money so we ensure that our prices will be reasonable and loveable. Call us today to talk about any Louisville AC repair services you may require or call and ask about our Louisville air conditioning installation processes and pricing.

Louisville AC Repair and Installation from Air Comfort of Kentucky

When it comes to our Louisville AC repair and installation services we guarantee that we will give you a more cost efficient air conditioning system for your home. Our Louisville AC repair residential services involve technicians coming out to your home for an evaluation where our HVAC trained technicians will inform you on what is wrong with your AC unit and what needs to be done to fix it. If your unit is over ten years old and you haven’t had it serviced annually or twice annually then give us a call because you are in desperate need of servicing your AC.

We are a 24hr Louisville commercial AC repair company that can help you save money every electric bill you receive. We promise to give you our high quality service because that’s what you deserve and we care about our customers like we care about our family. When you choose our company, you become a part of our Air Comfort family. Along with being a Louisville commercial AC repair company, we also provide installation of new or used devices.

AC Service Louisville KYWhen it comes to AC repair services in Louisville, not many companies can provide installation of new or used products as well. We can help you find the right air conditioning unit that will fit your family, home, or business. Many of the best AC systems that are for sale are central airs units or whole house units, which ensure full incorporation of your entire home. Air ducts will usually travel from the central air system through the basement ceiling and through the walls of your home so that the ducts can reach every vent in the house. The vents are always placed in a strategic manner throughout your lovely home. This is to ensure maximum ventilation and circulation of air. That’s not all because there are more AC units to choose from. There are Split AC systems that have ducts traveling from the outside to an internal unit inside your home.

A split air conditioning system can be proven to be a less expensive unit as opposed to other units on the market. External units can become subject to vandalism, animals, and harsh weather conditions. However, most air conditioning units that are designed to be outside will be able to withstand such unfortunate abuse from vandals, animals, or weather. Still, your HVAC unit isn’t designed to last forever and there will in fact come a time where you will need to have it serviced or repaired. Our company is always ready to help a family member in need. We are available at all times to ensure that your heating and air conditioning system is working properly on the hottest and coldest days of the year. We know exactly how to deal with various different models of AC units from central air systems to split air conditioner units to keep your electric bill low.

As mentioned, your AC unit could break no matter what model it is. Don’t panic or scramble around to find a repair service. Know that Air Comfort of Kentucky has you covered when you need us.

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