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How To Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace

Losing the ability to heat your home can quickly become stressful during the coldest months of the year, especially if you have young children, elderly relatives, or even pets in your household. Knowing how to light a pilot light on your furnace quickly can help you reset your furnace and reboot your heating system in no time.

Research Your Furnace’s Make and Model

Before you attempt to locate and find your furnace’s pilot light, be sure to research the make and model of your furnace. Seek out the instructions for your home’s furnace, which are often displayed on the exterior of the unit itself. The instructions printed on your furnace will provide you with a step-by-step guide to turn off your unit’s pilot light along with specific steps to reignite the light itself if it has already gone out.

Locate and Reset Your Furnace’s Pilot Light

Locate your furnace’s pilot light, which is typically below the furnace or near the bottom of the unit itself. Turn your pilot light knob to “Off,” and allow your furnace to rid any excess gas buildup inside of it.

Allow five minutes to pass before attempting to reignite the pilot light. Always wait at least five minutes before trying to reignite your furnace to prevent a potential fire from breaking out due to excess gas in the pilot light area of your furnace. Once five minutes have passed, you can then turn your pilot light switch to “Pilot.”

Reset Your Furnace and Pilot Light

After turning your pilot light switch to “Pilot,” use a candle lighter or, an extended lighter to relight your furnace’s pilot light while simultaneously pressing and holding the “Reset” button near the pilot light switch.

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