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How to Know When Your AC Needs Repairs

Over time, your AC will require repairs to keep it in peak condition. Similar to other mechanical systems, the AC is subject to wear, and you’ll notice its performance dwindle over time. Contracting a professional AC repair company to handle your AC repairs guarantees you of quality and timely repairs.

Here are some indicators that your AC needs repairs:

Limited Air Flow
If your AC is not blowing adequate air, you’ll experience limited cooling. Over time, its ability to circulate air will fall significantly, and ultimately your indoor air quality will be compromised. This poses a health hazard to you and your loved ones. Various factors could cause the limited air flow, either the air filter is broken or clogged, or there is a refrigerant leak. Either way, it will cost you excessive money on energy bills if it goes unresolved.

Short Cycling
Over time, your AC system will get clunky due to failed electrical signaling or compressor components. In such a case, it will turn itself off and on for several minutes. It is hazardous and should be remedied without delay. Short cycling causes the AC to speed up the rate of the tear during use and prevents the system from properly cooling air in full cycles. The excessive wear and tear will make it break down long before its actual lifespan. However, with the help of Air Comfort of KY, you resolve this problem easily.

Peculiar Sounds
Your AC should produce negligible fanning noise when in good condition. If you notice any strange sounds when the system is on, then, it is has become faulty. Extreme noises could imply that the AC is broken, the refrigerant line is leaking or, the air handler has lost its bearings from constant use. However, even the slightest of noises made by your air cooling system is a cause for concern, although they imply minor problems. However, they should all be attended to restore full functionality of the system for optimal efficiency.

Moisture Inside the Ducts
The AC system is designed to withstand some level of moisture. However, there should be no moisture coming out of its ducts. When moisture forms on the ducts of your cooling system, there is a problem with the coolant. It might have leaked from the pipes and condensed on the outside. The coolant is toxic and a danger to you and your family. Ensure that you have a professional heat and air conditioning company take of it immediately.

At Air Comfort of KY, Inc., we provide unbeatable heat and air conditioning services including the repair of AC systems to restore the comfort of your living space. Contact us today for more information about our AC repair solutions.

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