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How to Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently

There are two times per year a furnace runs the most: winter and summer. Given that we are currently in the middle of winter it’s a great time to learn about keeping a furnace running. No one wants a furnace to break down. Let’s talk about how to keep a furnace healthy at all times. Dirty filters, holes in an air duct, lack of maintenance — these are some of the reasons a furnace becomes less effective. Let’s break down each reason to learn about how to keep a furnace running more efficiently.

Replace Your Air Filter

Dust, grime, and other particles build up in an air filter over time. At some point, it becomes harder for air to flow through the filter. Once this happens, the furnace cannot distribute air as it would be able to with a clean air filter. Therefore, these filters should be checked for buildup every few months. Air filters are inexpensive and a vital component to the health of a furnace.

Check for Holes

Air leakage happens when there are holes present in an air duct. Homes shift over time. Therefore, air leakage can happen even if the air duct was properly installed originally. A common place for air leakage is at the furnace. Check where the air duct immediately exits the furnace for any hints of air leakage. Patching up leaks can save the homeowner on power bills.

Maintain Your Furnace

Over time, a furnace can get dirty with debris. This is true even if the air filter is changed regularly. A trained technician can routinely inspect the health of the furnace. We can replace any parts that are old an near breaking point. It’s better to replace parts in a scheduled manner before they break.

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