Indoor Air QualityAt [company_name], we’re ready to help with any indoor air quality issue you’re dealing with in Hikes Point, KY. Having high levels of indoor air pollution can make you sick and should be dealt with in a timely manner. Air contaminants can come from an array of sources, including pets, cooking, candles, cleaning supplies, paint, and furniture. If you feel like you’re sneezing or coughing a lot when you’re at home, it could be because of an air quality issue. Using the air quality services offered by a professional can ensure that all of the details of a project are taken care of properly. An expert will be able to test the air in your home to determine the extent of the problem. In many situations, indoor air can be two to five times as polluted as the surrounding outdoor air.

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Various contaminants can build up in a home over time. The situation is often worse during periods of time when you’re forced to keep windows and doors closed because of the outside weather. Modern and energy-efficient homes are often built to be as airtight as possible and can also have air quality issues.

There are many ways to improve indoor air quality in a home.

An expert can offer sound advice about which type of system would be right for your needs. Whole-house systems and individual units are available, and an expert can explain the pros and cons of various options.

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At [company_name], we’ll go the extra mile to meet the individual needs of each of our Hikes Point customers. Our company is family-owned and operated, and we always have the best interests of each of our customers in mind. We’re ready to serve the needs of both residential and commercial customers, and there’s no job too large or complex for us to handle in a highly professional manner.

We’ve been serving the area since 1976, and our goal is to develop trusting relationships with all of our customers. We’ll take the time to answer any of your questions about your options for moving forward with a situation. Based out of a shop on Bishop Lane in Louisville, our technicians have access to everything they need to make a job go smoothly. We’ll be punctual to all of our appointments.

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