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How to Stay Safe When Using Space Heaters

It’s fire prevention week, and a leading cause of accidental fires in New Albany, KY, area homes and apartments is the use of space heaters. While space heaters offer a convenient way to warm one room or one floor, they’re dangerous if not properly used. Use these tips to prevent accidental fires when using space heaters.

Avoid Extension Cords

When using a space heater, plug it directly into an outlet. Don’t use an extension cord or power strip with a space heater. Extension cords and power strips may overheat. They’re also tripping hazards. Only use space heaters with three-prong, grounded outlets.

Observe the Three Feet Rule

Don’t put anything flammable within 3 feet of a space heater. A space heater may melt plastic items within 3 feet of the unit. Paper, cardboard, blankets, towels, and clothes should also be at least 3 feet away from the space heater. Don’t place a space heater in or near a bed or piece of furniture.

Unplug It Overnight

If your heating system is malfunctioning or broken, you might be tempted to run a space heater overnight so that you can sleep. However, this isn’t safe. The unit could overheat or ignite nearby items, and you wouldn’t notice this in your sleep. Stay safe, and unplug the space heater overnight.

Choose the Right Location

Avoid placing a space heater on steps, inclines, or uneven surfaces. Put a space heater on a solid, hard surface. A hard-surface floor made of tile or wood is the best location for a space heater. Space heaters generate enough heat to melt plastic fibers in carpeting or wool fibers in rugs.

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