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How Are Air Ducts repaired?

Air ducts serve an important duty in an HVAC system. The ducts provide the passageway that hot or cool air uses to travel throughout a home. Sometimes, problems arise with the air ducts, and repairs become necessary. What repair steps do HVAC contractors take when fixing things? Read on to learn some of the more common solutions.

Sealing the Ducts

The ducts might have holes that can be caused by anything from corrosion to punctures. Professionals can seal the holes if they aren’t too severe. There are sealants and special tapes that professionals use to fix smaller holes.


Insulation is another way to make sure your ductwork is working properly. Insulating the ducts might also address problems like condensation. Ductwork exposed to sections of a home, like an uninsulated attic, basement or crawlspace, may require insulation.

Loose Air Ducts Require Fixing

Loose air ducts could be another problem homeowners deal with. Loose ducts could affect the furnace, driving it to overwork. That could raise home heating bills and, worse, contribute to wear and tear on the furnace. Straightening out the problem with loose ducts should be a priority.

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Complete Air Duct Replacements

Sometimes, fixing air ducts isn’t possible. Replacing a section of the ducts or even all the ductwork might be the best option. An inspection and assessment from an HVAC technician could lead to a recommendation to replace the system. Routine air duct cleaning creates opportunities for someone to inspect the ducts, and you can also ask for an inspection during an annual furnace tune-up.

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