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When it comes to furnace repair in Louisville, you can never go wrong with Air Comfort of KY. Our company is family owned and has been happily in business ever since 1976. So you know we have the experience to deal with any problems that may come up. Our job is to get your furnace repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. A heater that isn’t repaired could easily be running up your electric bill each month. We make sure your heater is running at optimal levels throughout the year. We’ll even inspect your system from top to bottom just to double check everything is running smoothly.

Professional HVAC Professional for Furnace Repair

At Air Comfort of KY, we pride ourselves on our professional HVAC staff. They are talented, professional, and friendly when it comes to furnace repair services. Our technicians are kept up to date on many brands and models to give you the best service they can. All of our staff are ready to help right on hand and can usually make a repair the same day. Whether it’s installation, furnace repair, air conditioning or just a tune-up, they’re ready to come over to fix the problem. We seek to reach a higher standard of quality than any other furnace repair company. We want to be your HVAC Company for life!

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Why You Should Have a Furnace Repair Company on Speed Dial

Many people don’t usually have a furnace repair company in Louisville on speed dial. At any time, a furnace can break down, stop working, or even have smoke billowing out from it. This can happen in the middle of the day or the dead of winter. This is why Air Comfort of KY always makes sure to keep ourselves available to you. We enjoy keeping a positive reputation in the community by being professional and prompt with each phone call we get. We have skilled technicians to make sure your needs are met with very little hassle.

When it comes to your furnace, you also want to make sure it continues to run efficiently throughout the year. Even if it’s not an emergency if your furnace starts to make a funny noise, it’s usually best to have it checked out right away. A broken down furnace can actually be a fire and health hazard to your home depending on what’s wrong with it. A furnace that is not working properly can also cost you a lot on your power bill. By having someone who can come out to fix the problem for you, we can make sure your furnace is running at optimal capacity.

Service Agreements in Louisville for Furnace Repair

Everyone fears hearing their heater start to fail them in the middle of winter. The temperatures are frigid outside, you’re nice and warm, and suddenly the heater stops. The furnace has stopped working and now you have to call to have it repaired. A service agreement with Air Comfort of KY can prevent your furnace from suddenly failing on you on those coldest days. We even do service for your air conditioning so you can stay cool throughout the summer as well.

So, what are the benefits of having a service agreement with our company? Well, it’s an investment you won’t regret. In fact, it will pay for itself, in the long run. Regular checkups on your heating or cooling unit will help to maximize the life expectancy of your unit. Preventative maintenance can also help to catch any problems early on that can turn serious if left unattended.

Some benefits of the Service Agreement are:

Two Performance Tune-Ups per Year

Keeping your unit running at maximum capacity is essential to keep it healthy. A tune-up will make sure it runs smoothly and efficiently year around. Common problems such as Freon leaks, burnt wires, or anything that may have been knocked loose can be caught in time. These tune-ups can also help you to save on the utility bill. So the savings alone are worth it.

24 Hour Priority Service Free for 365 Days/YR

Now, for example, say an emergency does arise. You need to call us to come out and do a repair. Guess what? When you have a service agreement with us, you get priority service. This means we answer your call first and foremost. We will be there for you if an emergency pops up. Within 24 hours at the latest of you giving us a call, we will be knocking on your door eager to help. So you can rest easy knowing we have your back.

We pride ourselves on being the best Louisville Furnace Repair company on the market. We constantly strive to provide the best service for our clients in order to go above and beyond the common standards. Give us a call today!


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