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Louisville Furnace Installation

HVAC Contractors in Louisville, KYYou need a certified technician when it comes to an installation for your furnace. You need a professional who knows what they’re doing and is ready for anything. At Air Comfort of KY, we have that professionalism. We also have the technicians who are friendly, and care about our customers. Whether you need to install a new furnace because your old one broke down, or you’re upgrading to a more energy efficient model, we’re the best people to call! We’ll help you decide which furnace fits best for you and your family needs! There’s no need to be shy, and we’re more than happy to serve our customers!

We off the Best Furnace Installation Services

We know how important your comfort is when it comes to the heating in your home. Maintaining a certain temperature in your home at all times is important to you, and we understand that. Over a third of energy can go into heating and cooling a building. When it comes to your furnace installation, if it’s not properly installed you can suffer a loss of energy and heat. This can have a huge effect on your energy costs, costing you money in the long run. So having a professional install your furnace properly

When you choose Air Comfort of KY for your furnace installation we like to show you how we can do the job right. We give you free, in-home consultations with one of our friendly, professional HVAC installation specialists. They will give you the best options for your energy saving needs, and the unit that best fits your comfort and needs. We will also make sure you get the proper unit that is properly sized for your home. Will also provide our customers with convenient installation and have flexible financing options for your needs. There are also full factory warranties on all labor and equipment.

Upgrading Your Furnace and Installation

Now, maybe you don’t need or want your furnace prepared. Perhaps you’ve had your furnace for so long you’ve decided it’s best to upgrade it. Well, if that’s the case we’re more than happy to help. Our professional technicians know how to install several brands of heating and air conditioning units for our clients. Upgrading a unit can be one of the best money saving decisions you can make. A newer unit can operate more efficiently, and save you on energy costs.

So, what kind of other benefits do you get from upgrading or replacing your heating unit? When it comes to furnace installation in Louisville we can recommend the best units. Since we know how to work with several brands, we will take into consideration every aspect when it comes to your home. Your personal needs, preferences, and which brand will run most efficiently in your home. Our trustworthy HVAC technicians will listen to any questions or concerns you may have.

Do you wish to upgrade your unit instead? Depending on the brand, we’re more than willing to take a look at you unit to see what kinds of upgrades we can offer. We can even find ways to make your current unit more efficient and reliable. Also, if you’re concerned about saving energy costs there are several ways to see if there are other factors which are preventing your unit from operating at full capacity.

Preventative Maintenance for Furnaces in Louisville

A great way to make sure your heating equipment lasts is to give it preventative maintenance. Not only will this save you on energy costs, but it will prevent from bigger problems cropping up in the future.

We understand your heating unit is an investment in your home. We want to do all that we can to protect that investment. If you choose to enroll in one of our service agreements it will lower the cost on tune-ups for your unit. Regular maintenance for your unit will also provide you with a safer, more comfortable home environment. Your equipment will also last longer, getting you the most out of your heating unit. This will also cut on repairs having to be done in the future.

Some of the preventative maintenance we do on your unit includes: test for carbon monoxide links, clean burner assembly, adjust blower components, and many more. There are a lot of small details that go into giving a furnace a proper tune-up. There are so many small, working parts which can be overlooked by someone who is not a professional. Our technicians are trained to handle just about any problem when they come to your house. This includes several brands, and the experience to handle those problems should they arise.

We Care About our Customers and Furnace Installation

Our number one concern when it comes to our customers is your comfort and well-being. Since we’ve been serving our community since 1976, we have the experience necessary to help you when it comes to furnace installation services. It doesn’t matter if you’re upgrading, installing, or just having us come in to do a tune-up on your existing unit. We will do our professional best to make sure it continues to works as reliably and efficiently as possible.

We hope you choose to bring your business to Air Comfort of KY today. We offer free HVAC consultation to make sure every need or want you have when it comes to your furnace is met. We are always happy to answer any questions our customers may have.



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