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Comparing Heat Pumps and Furnaces

A new heating system is a 10- to 15-year investment, so it’s imperative to select the right kind for your household before committing to one. Heat pumps and furnaces have several significant differences; both options have distinct benefits and drawbacks.

How They Operate

The two primary types of furnaces are gas-burning and electric, and both kinds do their jobs by creating heat. The former type combusts either propane or natural gas to produce heat, while the latter works by blowing air over a hot element.

Instead of creating heat, heat pumps absorb existing warmth from outdoors. They do so using pressurized refrigerant coils before distributing the heat through your home.

Energy Usage

Because of how they work, heat pumps typically require far less energy than most furnaces. As a result, your monthly heating bills will likely be lower with a heat pump. Propane-burning furnaces often cost as much as three times more than pumps. Alternatively, furnaces that use natural gas or electricity will be about twice as much.

However, heat pumps lose much of their efficiency in cold climates. If it’s freezing outside, the system must work harder to absorb enough heat for sufficient comfort. Geothermal heat pumps, which feature underground coils, don’t have that problem, but they can be prohibitively expensive to install.

Comparing the Size

If you have a smaller home or a lack of indoor space, a heat pump might be a prudent choice for your household. Heat pumps come with a compressor, which stays outside of your residence and requires a 24-inch clearance. The pump’s other main component is its air handler; this needs no clearance space and can sometimes be mounted on the wall.

Furnaces, though, must be given a 30-inch clearance and be installed inside of your home.

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