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Common Reasons you’ll Need Louisville Furnace Repair services

With the winter temperature blowing in full blast, having your furnace stop working can make your home or office uncomfortable. Not only can a broken heater make your home uncomfortably chilly, it can actually be a safety hazard if the temperatures dip too low. We understand the importance of keeping your family safe and warm this winter and we want to ensure that your heater works when you need it. Here are a list of services we offer at Air Comfort of Kentucky.

Use Louisville Furnace Repair Services for Routine Maintenance

Proper maintenance can help reduce more expensive damage to your furnace. When you work with Louisville furnace repair professionals we can help make sure your furnace is working properly and safely.

Receiving proper maintenance on your furnace each year is a great way to spot any potential damage before it affects your heating. Your heater has to work hard to heat your home. Air is circulated through your unit. The air circulates over hot coils which heat the air that is distributed into your home. These coils are essential for creating hot air, but they can get covered in dust and grime. Seasonal cleaning will ensure that buildup does not prevent your home from being properly heated.

In addition, the filters in your heater should be cleaned often. Not only does this help air circulate better it can also significantly reduce allergens and dust in the air.

Things your Louisville Furnace repair company will also check during routine maintenance include the fan belt including wear and tear and belt tension. We may also need to lubricate oil bearings. Your furnace should receive professional maintenance at least once a year. We offer maintenance services all year long.

Let us help you figure out why your heater isn’t working

AC Service Louisville KYWhen the cool weather starts to blow, you want to be confident that your heater will turn on when you need it to. There are fewer things that are more disheartening than turning on yoru heater on a chilly day only to discover it isn’t working! Your Louisville residential furnace repair services will help get your heater back in proper working order.

There are a few common reasons your furnace may stop working including:

Electrical issues: One of the first things we’ll check is for electrical issues. Before you call us, check your breaker to make sure it hasn’t flipped. If your breakers appear normal, there may be another issue inside the furnace. Sometimes the motor quits working and other times the electrical issues can be the result of faulty wiring. Both repairs require the assistance of a licensed, professional technician.

Some furnaces have a reset button. If you’ve checked the breakers and everything appears normal but your furnace still isn’t working, push the reset button. The reset can take up to a half hour. If your breaker repeatedly trips and/or the reset doesn’t work, contact a professional technician as soon as possible.

Fan Belt: Another common issue that can affect your furnace is the fan belt. If you haven’t replaced the fan belt recently it could be old. Fan belts, like those on cars, get old and start to crack. If this happens the belt will quit working and could cause more damage to your furnace. The fan belt can sometimes loosen which prevents it from properly tightening which can cause furnace failure.

Thermostat: It’s entirely possible that your furnace issues have nothing to do with your furnace. Occasionally there may be faulty connections or wiring with the thermostat that prevent the heater form receiving a signal to turn on. Louisville Furnace Repair services can help find the problem to ensure that your heater is up and running again quickly.

Gas: If you have a gas heater, check to ensure that the pilot is lit. If you have any concerns about whether your unit is receiving gas, contact a professional technician to help. Safety should be your number one priority, so if you smell a gas leak, get out of the house immediately and contact your gas company.

Louisville Commercial Furnace Repair Company offers Installation

Your Louisville commercial furnace repair company can also help with the installation of new heating systems. Whether you need to replace your current unit or you are installing an entirely new system, our qualified technicians are here to help. We want to make sure your customers, clients and employees are comfortable during the chilly weather.

When you utilize Louisville Furnace Repair services to help install your company, your installation is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty as well as our guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our service. Let us help ensure that your commercial office space is cozy when the winter winds start blowing.

To learn more about the types of services we offer, contact our customer service agents at 502.426.4536. We can schedule an appointment to determine what type of service you need.

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