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How Commercial Heating Repairs Differ From Residential

Making sure that you have a contractor that is fully versed in commercial heating repairs is an important part of your building maintenance. Not all HVAC contractors in Louisville have trained technicians on staff who are able to handle commercial systems. Though the principle behind residential and commercial systems is the same, namely to heat air and move it through a building, there are still differences between commercial and residential units.

For one, it’s size. Commercial units are much bigger and more powerful than residential units. Whereas residential furnaces or heat pumps are located in a basement or tucked away in a utility room, commercial units can be the size of an entire room! Because of their size commercial furnaces are often placed on the roofs of buildings along with air conditioning units.

Additionally, commercial heating systems are also subject to more stress and have many more mechanical parts than their residential counterparts. In other words, these systems are more complex. Commercial systems may be set up in such a way as to heat different parts of a building at different times and at different temperatures. These functions place different types of stress on the system causing different failures than those which normally occur in residential systems.

Some commercial buildings, particularly older structures, may have boilers which heat water to provide warm air, and in some cases, warm water. Boilers have requirements all their own, making it even more important that your company has technicians with experience in this area.

Make sure that anyone who works on your commercial heating system is certified to work with commercial equipment. Work from a technician not experienced in commercial units can result in costly damage, as well as compromise the safety of your building and its occupants. For more information on how we can fit your commercial heating needs, contact Air Comfort of Kentucky.

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