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What Causes Uneven Home Heating?

Have you ever noticed that one room is ten degrees cooler than the room across the hall? Uneven home heating is a common issue. The cause could be an array problems.

Register Blockage

Many do not realize that a piece of furniture has covered a vent. Or, even laundry piled near a heating duct will cause home heating systems to be affected by blocked-off registers.  The easy remedy is to move furniture so heat can flow with ease.

Duct Damage

Heating maintenance is required as winter approaches. In some cases, you will find damage to the duct system of your heating unit.  In most cases, you will need to contact an air/heating technician to repair the duct damage. Caulking is a band-aid to a larger issue of air flow.

Discarding Dirty Air Filters

It is best practice to change air filters on a regular basis. When a filter clogs and becomes useless, it causes uneven home heating. Often, no heat at all.  Part of heating maintenance is replacing your air filter every month or two so you do not find yourself cold in the depths of winter.

Undersized Heating Unit

You have changed the filter, cleared debris, and checked your air ducts, and yet, you still are not getting an even air flow. You likely have a small heating system. In most cases, a technician is required to diagnose if the size of home heating systems is an issue.

Returning To Return Vents

Return vents and registers may line your walls or floor. They are easy to ignore until they get clogged. The best practice is to vacuum the vents on a regular basis. If you take the hose with the brush extension and clean the returns, you will likely see a significant change in the air flow.  The flow is not the only improvement. The quality of air is also optimized and eliminates indoor pollution.

Home heating systems require upkeep. Heating maintenance is not easy and takes time. The troubleshooting alone can be stressful. At Air Comfort of KY, Inc, we make it our mission to assist in any way we can. We pride ourselves in overhauling heating units Louisville to pinpoint the issues. Winter is near, and it is our pleasure to make it a toasty one.

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