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A Guide to Fixing Hot Spots in Your Home

If you’re finding hot spots in your house, the problem may be related to poor airflow. Turning up your AC will just create further temperature imbalances as you’ll then have excessively cold areas. Finding the root of the problem and fixing it will make sure you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home without burdening your energy bill. Here are some ways to fix hot spots in your home.

Rule Out Heat From the Sun

Sometimes, the root cause of a hot spot in your house is as simple as getting too much heat from the sun. An easy fix to try is to replace your curtains with a set that will keep more of the heat from the sun out of that room.

Check the Ducts

If the root cause of your hot spot is not the sun, then you are likely dealing with an airflow issue. The first place to look is your ducts. Check to see that cool air is coming into the area where the hot spot exists. If you find that cool air is not being transferred into the area, you should have your ducts inspected by a knowledgeable professional. Also, having your ducts looked at regularly will alleviate any future problems and help to keep your indoor air quality at safe and healthy levels.

Install a Zoned Thermostat

A zoned thermostat gives you control of the temperature of specific areas of your house. That way, you can adjust for the hot spot rather than have your entire home’s cooling system working on overdrive because of that one area.

Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

If you cannot apply a solution that involves your home’s overall cooling system and you need a bespoke fix for the specific room in question, you can install a ductless air conditioner. This solution is perfect for areas that are commonly known for hot spots, such as attics, garages, or porches.

Reliable Solution for Your Home’s Hot Spot

If you’re experiencing a hot spot in your house in Louisville, KY, contact [company_name] today. We’ll determine the cause and implement the best solution for your specific problem. Our team can also assist with heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance.

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