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5 Ways to Save Energy this Fall

There are several ways you can prepare your home and your heating system for the cooler temperatures of fall. Below are just five of the most basic, and they apply to all homeowners regardless of how old the home is or what type of heating unit they own.

1. Program the Thermostat

Rather than keep the thermostat at the same temperature while you’re sleeping or away, bring the temperature down to the mid-60s. You’ll remain comfortable and lower your energy bills at the same time.

2. Seal Cracks and Gaps

Preventing drafts from sucking away all your warm air is essential. You can use caulking to seal up the cracks around your windows and doors. For larger gaps, you can utilize spray foam. Better yet, you could upgrade to energy-efficient double-pane windows.

3. Replace Filters

Air filters capture dirt and other pollutants, but once they reach the end of their life spans (six months for pleated filters, 30 days for fiberglass ones), they will only put a burden on your heating unit by hindering airflow. Many residents of Louisville, KY, have the team at [company_name] take care of this and other heating repairs.

4. Insulate the Attic and Walls

Insulation in the attic will keep warm air in, and insulation in the basement can help keep cold air out. It could also provide energy savings when installed in the wall cavities. You could either add to the layers that are already in your home or upgrade to something more resistant.

5. Have a Heating Tune-Up Done

Heating maintenance can keep the system running smoothly and quietly. Professional tune-ups can cover things like air filter replacement, thermostat calibration, and the tightening of electrical connections.

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