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11 Tips to Stay Cool and Save Energy this Summer

This summer is turning out to be a scorcher in the Ohio Valley!

With the cost of just about everything going up in 2022, Air Comfort of KY wants to help you save money. See below for 11 ways to help you stay cool while reducing the cost of keeping your home comfortable. 

Invest in an Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Modern AC units, traditional or ductless, are much more efficient than older systems. If your summertime energy bill has been creeping up over the past few years, it is an excellent time to have your system checked to evaluate its efficiency and calculate the long-term savings of installing a new, modern unit. 

Keep your AC Unit Tuned Up

Your AC unit works hard day after day to keep you cool while inside. Trained HVAC professionals like the Air Comfort of KY team should evaluate it at least once a year to ensure that it is working properly and tuned for maximum efficiency.

Change the Filter Regularly

A dirty, clogged-up filter will make your AC unit work harder than it should to keep your home cool. Check your filter once per month and change it as necessary.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are helpful tools that will work with your schedule. When you are away, keep the temperature in your home warmer. When you are home, keep it a few degrees cooler.

What temperature settings should you use in the summer?

The US Department of Energy estimates that you can save up to 10% by adjusting your thermostat upwards of 8-10% while at work and out of the home. 

Those savings will add up quickly.

Block Out the Sun

Sun rays produce a lot of heat energy. Keeping as many of them out of your home as possible with light-blocking window treatments will help your home stay cooler during peak heat in the day.

Turn Off Unused Appliances

If an appliance isn’t being used, turn it off or unplug it! This is dual cost-saving during the summer because appliances generate heat and use electricity.

Turn the Lights Off

Leaving the lights on when not in a room wastes energy and produces needless heat.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs accomplish three important things:

  • Reduce energy usage
  • Produce less heat than traditional light bulbs
  • Have a smaller impact on the environment

Add a Few House Plants

Did you know that “many house plants will absorb warm air and release oxygen and cool moisture into the air via the transpiration process? Plants act in a similar way to how humans sweat; when the air around people and plants heats up, they both release excess water into the air from skin or leaves to cool themselves and the atmosphere around them.”

Check out these popular indoor plants to help keep your home cooler this summer.

Keep the Air Moving

Keep the temperature regulated in your home with consistent airflow. Air circulation keeps the air from stagnating in your home, has a positive impact on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and makes it feel more relaxed. The Trane variable speed and two stage units do an excellent job of this.

Leverage Targeted Cooling

Some rooms are naturally going to be warmer than others. Depending on how cool you want to keep a room, adding a ductless until to a room or multiple rooms will keep the temperature in those areas cooler and reduce the workload on your primary AC unit.   

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